How to Beat Amazon Competition and Make your Listing Ranked

With just 3 added elements, we beat the competition.

Here is how we did it ↓

1. Use PickFu to compare brand vs competitors.
2. Read insights from panelists on why they like them vs you.
3. Head to Canva and fix the main image.
4. Run PickFu again to confirm it resonates.
5. Watch better CTR, more sales & more brand awareness.

With VitamaticUSA, we just grabbed their listing randomly off of Amazon and compared it against the closest apples to apples competitor.

We used PickFu to drill down to Prime members who take supplements daily. We did not want the feedback from people who never take supplements.

Why would we care what they have to say?
↳ They are not buying the product.

We noticed a few things:
→ People liked seeing the product OUTSIDE the package.
→ People liked seeing the flavor CLEARLY.
→ People did not know this was VEGAN (even though it shows it on label)

After optimizing the listing, we ran the PickFu again – and a drastic increase in votes from panelists over the competition. Certain things we lost to that we could not change were things like the competition had gummy bear shaped gummies. But perhaps this is good information for the next iteration of the product in the future.

Creative people?
↳ Use PickFu to validate your work for your clients. Don’t guess & gamble.

Advertising & PPC people?
↳ Use PickFu to ensure your client’s creatives resonate well and do not get random clicks without conversions. Example, “Oh I did not know that it was raspberry until AFTER I clicked. I hate raspberry. Not buying.”

Get the clicks you WANT; not the ones you DONT

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