Related Account Suspension

Amazon-related account suspension is when Amazon suspends a seller’s account on its platform due to a violation of policies or guidelines related to their account or related accounts. This can happen if Amazon believes that a seller has created or used multiple accounts to violate policies, manipulate customer reviews, or engage in fraudulent activity.

Amazon prohibits sellers from having multiple accounts as it is considered a violation of its policies. If Amazon discovers that a seller has created multiple accounts, they may suspend all related accounts. For example, if a seller has a main account and a separate account used for dropshipping, and Amazon determines that they are related, both accounts may be suspended.

Amazon may also suspend related accounts if they believe a seller is engaging in prohibited activities, such as manipulating customer reviews by offering incentives to customers for leaving positive reviews. This includes creating fake accounts to leave reviews or hiring third-party companies to do so.

If a seller’s account is suspended, they will receive an email notification from Amazon with information about the suspension and steps they can take to appeal the decision. It is essential to understand and follow Amazon’s policies and guidelines to avoid related account suspensions and maintain a successful selling account on the platform.

Amazon Related account Suspension Has two cases

One Case in which you know to whom your account got Related

The second Case in which you don know to whom your account got related

Reasons for Related Account Suspension

Same wifi

Same Credit Card

Same Ip address

Same listing/Inventory

Login with same device

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