Walmart Account Suspended

Walmart account suspension is a type of account restriction that can be imposed on Walmart Marketplace sellers. This suspension occurs when Walmart’s system detects activity or behavior on a seller’s account that violates Walmart’s policies or terms of service.

A Walmart account suspension typically occurs when Walmart has reason to believe that a seller’s account has engaged in activities that violate Walmart’s policies or terms of service, such as selling prohibited items, failing to accurately describe items, or engaging in fraudulent or deceptive practices. This type of suspension is intended to give the seller an opportunity to address the issue and take corrective action to bring their account back into compliance with Walmart’s policies.

During a Walmart account suspension, a seller’s account will be restricted from selling or listing items on the Walmart Marketplace platform. The suspension will typically last for a specified period of time, and the seller will be required to take specific actions to address the issue that triggered the suspension before their account can be reinstated.

If a seller receives a Walmart account suspension, it is important for them to carefully review Walmart’s policies and take corrective action as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in further restrictions or even permanent suspension from the Walmart Marketplace platform.

Reasons For Walmart Account Suspension

  • Order Defect Rate.
  • Valid Tracking Manipulation.
  • On Time Shipment Rate.
  • Marketplace Retailer Agreement Violation.
  • Failure To Meet Operational Standards Customer Support.
  • Failure To Meet Operational Standards Respect & Equality

Can Walmart Account Suspension Cab be Reinstated?

Walmart Terminated account can not be reinstated but Walmart Suspended account can be reinstated through solid appeals along with supporting documents.

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