Requirements on Reporting a Violation in Amazon Brand Registry

  1. Log into Brand Registry with an Admin or Registered Agent account
  2. Click “Report a violation” on the main Brand Registry page
  3. Hover over “Support”, then click on “Contact Brand Support”
  4. Click on “Report an Intellectual Property” violation
  5. Choose the appropriate marketplace
  6. Enter the ASIN(s) you want to report a violation on and click “Search”
  7. Click “Show Offers”. Select the seller(s) you want to file a claim against by checking the box.
  8. Select the issue type using the drop-down menu in the top right
  9. Select “A Product is Counterfeit”
  10. Choose the appropriate trademark for the ASIN you chose
  11. Choose “Yes” if you’ve placed an order for the ASIN you believe to be counterfeit.
    1. If you chose “Yes” in the previous step, enter the order ID here
  12. Choose “No”, if you have not placed an order for the ASIN you believe to be counterfeit
  13. Provide more info by submitting the text below:
    1. We have identified this product as counterfeit. It is using our trademark number (enter trademark number) on the product/packaging. To ensure Amazon customers are receiving authentic (enter brand name) goods, please remove these seller(s) from this listing.
  14. Company Name or First & Last name and contact email
  15. Review & Submit!

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