A Step-by-Step Guide to Requesting Fund Disbursement from Amazon on a Suspended Account


Having your Amazon seller account suspended can be a frustrating and stressful experience, especially when it affects your cash flow. However, if you have funds tied up in your account, there is a possibility of getting them disbursed even during the suspension period. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to request fund disbursement from Amazon on a suspended account.

  1. Understand the Suspension:

Before proceeding, it is important to understand the reason behind your account suspension. Review the notification or email you received from Amazon, as it may contain crucial information about the issue. Common reasons for account suspension include policy violations, poor performance metrics, or suspected fraudulent activities. Understanding the cause will help you prepare a solid appeal.

  1. Assess Your Eligibility:

While Amazon has strict policies regarding fund disbursement on suspended accounts, it is worth noting that they do consider disbursing funds in certain circumstances. Typically, Amazon will only release funds if there are no outstanding financial obligations on your account, such as refunds or chargebacks. If you have any unresolved issues, it’s crucial to address them before requesting fund disbursement.

  1. Prepare a Detailed Appeal:

To request fund disbursement, you’ll need to write a persuasive and well-documented appeal letter to Amazon. Here are some key points to include:

a. Explain the situation concisely: Clearly state that your account is suspended and that you’re requesting funds disbursal. b. Acknowledge any policy violations: Take responsibility for any policy violations that led to the suspension and express your willingness to rectify them. c. Highlight corrective actions: Outline the steps you have taken to resolve the issue, such as updating listings, improving customer service, or implementing additional quality control measures. d. Emphasize customer satisfaction: Explain how you have prioritized customer satisfaction and provide evidence of positive feedback or resolutions to customer complaints. e. Demonstrate financial stability: If applicable, present financial statements or other evidence that shows your ability to fulfill financial obligations and maintain a healthy business.

  1. Submitting the Appeal:

Once you have drafted your appeal, log in to your Seller Central account and navigate to the Performance Notifications section. Locate the suspension notification and click on the “Appeal” button or link. Follow the instructions provided and attach your appeal letter along with any supporting documents. Ensure that your appeal is concise, professional, and addresses all the key points mentioned earlier.

  1. Monitor Communication Channels:

After submitting your appeal, regularly check your email and Seller Central messages for updates from Amazon. Be prepared to provide additional information or clarify any points if requested by the Amazon Seller Performance team. Prompt and thorough responses will demonstrate your commitment to resolving the issue.

  1. Seek Professional Help if Necessary:

If your appeal is rejected or you are not making progress, you might consider consulting with an experienced Amazon suspension consultant or lawyer who specializes in resolving account issues. They can provide expert guidance and help you navigate through the process.


While getting fund disbursement from Amazon on a suspended account can be challenging, it is not impossible. By understanding the reason for the suspension, addressing outstanding issues, preparing a detailed appeal, and closely monitoring communication channels, you can increase your chances of successfully recovering your funds. Remember to remain patient, persistent, and professional throughout the process.

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